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Movado vs Movado Bold: A Comparative Look at The Two Icons

One day, it’s a sunny afternoon in the bustling city, and you’re strolling through the streets, window shopping at the different stores. Suddenly, something catches your eye in the display window of a watch store – two sleek and stylish watches side by side, both from the renowned brand Movado. 

One is a classic Movado watch, with its iconic minimalist design and signature dot at 12 o’clock. The other is a Movado Bold watch, with a more modern and daring design, complete with chronograph and date functions. You can’t help but wonder – which one should you choose? 

As someone who loves watches and appreciates quality and style, you’re intrigued by the differences between these two collections. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Movado vs Movado Bold, comparing their design, features, durability, and value to help you make an informed decision. So, let’s dive in and discover which watch collection is the perfect fit for you.

Movado vs Movado Bold

Design and Style

Regarding watch design, Movado and Movado Bold have distinct styles that cater to different tastes. 

Movado watches are known for their clean and minimalist aesthetic, with a signature dot at 12 o’clock that represents the sun at noon. Movado watches come in various sizes, shapes, and color options, from the classic round Museum dial to the rectangular Bold Motion Smartwatch. Their leather and stainless steel bands come in different finishes, such as silver, gold, and rose gold, to match your style.

On the other hand, Movado Bold watches have a more daring and modern look, with bold shapes and colors that make a statement. The Movado Bold collection features a watch with chronograph and date functions in addition to the iconic dot at 12 o’clock. 

The Bold watches come in various sizes and shapes, from the classic round dial to the more square and rectangular options. The Bold watches also have a more comprehensive range of color options, including bright hues such as yellow, orange, and blue, as well as black and white. The bands for the Bold watches are also more diverse, with options such as rubber and silicone for a sporty and casual look.

When finding the right watch for your wrist size, Movado and Movado Bold have options for different sizes. Movado watches typically range from 28mm to 40mm in diameter, making them suitable for smaller to medium-sized wrists. Meanwhile, Movado Bold watches come in larger sizes, ranging from 42mm to 48mm (Read 36mm watch on wrist), which can accommodate larger wrists. It’s essential to consider the size and shape of the watch face and the thickness of the band when choosing a watch that fits well on your wrist.

Whether you prefer the classic and timeless style of Movado or the bold and daring look of Movado Bold, both collections offer options for different tastes and styles. 

Consider your style and wrist size when choosing between the two collections, and let your watch reflect your unique personality.

Features and Functions

Regarding features and functions, Movado and Movado Bold watches differ in their offerings. Movado watches are known for their simplicity, with minimal features that emphasize the clean and elegant design. 

The classic Movado watch typically has no additional functions aside from the time and date, making it ideal for those who value simplicity and timeless elegance.

In contrast, Movado Bold watches have a broader range of features and functions, in addition to the signature dot at 12 o’clock. The Bold collection includes watches with chronograph functions, which can measure elapsed time and have multiple sub-dials for added functionality. 

Some Bold watches have additional features such as a GMT function, which can track a second-time zone, or a tachymeter, which can measure speed.

Durability and Quality

While the Movado and Movado Bold watches differ in features and functions, both collections are known for their durability and quality. Movado watches are made with Swiss quartz movement and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, ensuring that they keep accurate time and are scratch-free. 

The Movado Bold watches are also made with high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and mineral crystal, to ensure their durability and longevity.

Price and Value

Movado watches are typically more expensive, as they are known for their high-quality Swiss craftsmanship and minimalist design. The price range for Movado watches varies depending on the collection and features. Still, they generally start around $500 and can go up to several thousand dollars for more complicated and luxurious options.

On the other hand, Movado Bold watches are generally more affordable, with a starting price range of around $300. While they are still made with high-quality materials and Swiss quartz movement, the Bold watches are less expensive due to their more straightforward design and fewer features. 

The Bold watches offer great value for those who want a stylish and functional watch without breaking the bank.

When deciding between Movado vs Movado Bold, it’s essential to consider your budget and what features and design elements you value most in a watch. 

While Movado watches are more expensive, they offer timeless elegance and high-quality craftsmanship that can be a significant investment in the long run. Read here if you want to know more about Movado watches’ value.

On the other hand, Movado Bold watches offer a more affordable option with bold and modern designs that can make a statement.

Ultimately, the choice between Movado and Movado Bold comes from personal preference and budget. Both collections offer high-quality, stylish timepieces that will turn heads and stand the test of time. 

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Whether you invest in a classic Movado watch or opt for a more affordable and bold Movado Bold watch, you can be sure that you’re getting a quality timepiece that will be a valuable addition to your collection.

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