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Do Movado Watches Have Serial Numbers?

While Movado watches are some of the most well-crafted timepieces on the market, they’re also some of the most commonly counterfeited. As a result, it’s essential to be aware of the signs of a fake Movado watch. One way to check the authenticity and uniqueness of a Movado watch is to check the specific numbers that a watch has. So, do Movado watches have serial numbers matching their originality? Read on to find out.

Do Movado watches have serial numbers?

These wristwatches do, in fact, come with their own unique serial numbers. You will need to open the casing to examine the serial number and the reference number since they are both situated on the rear of the inner side of the case back.

Above these numbers should be the company emblem, which should be imprinted in all capital letters and accurately stamped to maintain the image of cleanliness. Before purchasing a resale wristwatch in person, it is important to cross-reference the serial number of the timepiece. This will confirm that the clock is genuine.

How to check a Movado serial number?

You can check the serial number on your Movado watch in a few different ways. 

  • The first is to look at the back of the watch case. The serial number should be engraved on the back of the case, usually near the bottom. 
  • If you can’t find the serial number, try looking at the inside of the bracelet or strap. The serial number may be stamped on the inside of these components. 
  • Finally, you can also check your Movado watch’s paperwork. The serial number should be listed on your original sales receipt or warranty information. 

Contact Movado customer service for assistance if you can’t find the serial number in any of these places. With the serial number in hand, you can look up information about your watch and its history.

Serial number, model number, and SKU number

A Movado watch can have several different types of numbers on it, including a serial number, model number, and SKU number. 

  • The serial number is usually engraved on the back of the watch case, as we mentioned above, and is used to identify the specific watch. 
  • The model number is typically located on the dial or movement and identifies the style or type of watch. 
  • The SKU number is a unique code assigned to each watch and used for inventory purposes. 

These numbers can be helpful when trying to track down a Movado watch or ordering parts or repairs. Plus, they are essential in ensuring that each Movado watch is unique.

How to check Movado authenticity?

Do Movado Watches Have Serial Numbers?

Anytime you buy a Movado watch, you want to be sure it’s the real deal. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to check the authenticity of your watch. 

  • First, check to see if the watch’s serial number is correct. Call Movado’s customer service number, which you can find on their website, and have a company representative check the serial number. The company keeps careful records of every watch it makes and sends out, so a representative can tell you if you have a real Movado. 
  • Check the inside and outside of the watch for grammar and spelling mistakes. Most copies are made in other countries, so there are likely spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Look for the Movado logo on the dial. This should be a clearly visible stamp, not just an engraving. 
  • Check the weight of the watch. Movado watches are very light, so it may be a fake if yours feels excessively heavy. 
  • Take a look at the second hand. On a genuine Movado watch, the second-hand moves in a continuous, sweeping motion; on a fake, it will move in jerky increments. 

By following these simple tips, you can be sure that your Movado watch is real.

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Lastly, you know now that all Movado watches have serial numbers. If you’re looking to buy a Movado watch, it’s essential that you know how to find the serial number and model number on the watch. This will help you ensure that you’re buying an authentic Movado watch. Make sure to open the casing and check both numbers!

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