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Dive into Style: Top 10 White Face Dive Watches in 2023

The white face dive watches are more than just timekeepers; they’re a statement of style, precision, and adventure. Whether plunging into the ocean depths or diving into a busy day, the right watch can be your perfect companion. 

But with so many options out there, finding the perfect piece can feel overwhelming. That’s where I come in! Join me as I explore some of the best white-faced (and a few creamy-colored) dive watches on the market, from renowned brands to hidden gems.

Top 10 white face dive watches 

  1. Invicta Pro Diver
  2. Momentum M50
  4. Citizen Eco-Drive
  5. Berny
  6. Casio
  7. Pagani Design
  8. San Martin
  9. Pagani Design 
  10. Invicta Specialty

Invicta Pro Diver

Invicta Pro Diver

With its eye-catching white dial and smooth stainless steel finish, it’s a watch that has impressed me both in appearance and performance. 

The scalloped bezel, reminiscent of an Omega Seamaster, adds a touch of elegance, while the automatic movement ensures accurate timekeeping. I appreciate the hand-winding capability, and the fact that it’s keeping time within 8 seconds a day is remarkable.

What truly stands out about this Invicta is its resilience. Users have praised its durability, even when worn during handyman work or intense outdoor activities. 

The crystal remains scratch-free, and the watch has proven waterproof during dives and swimming. 

Whether you’re looking for an everyday beater or a stylish accessory for special occasions, this Invicta watch fits the bill.

✅ Pros

  • Great value for money since it is automatic.
  • Smooth stainless steel finish
  • Scratch-resistant crystal
  • Clear back to see movement

 ❌ Cons 

  • Bracelet feels cheap
  • Lume isn’t great
  • Difficult to rotate the bezel

Momentum M50

Momentum M50 - White Face Dive Watches

With its solid 316L stainless steel case and bracelet, it’s a watch that feels hefty and handsome on the wrist. 

The bead-blasted finish adds a rugged elegance, and the 120-click unidirectional bezel is functional and stylish. I’m particularly drawn to the black numerals and the lume that lasts all night. It’s a watch that’s overbuilt for all dive purposes.

What I love about this Momentum M50 is how it’s more than just a good-looking watch; it’s a reliable companion. The 8-10 year battery life is a significant advantage, especially for a dive watch. 

Whether you’re diving, working in demanding industries, or simply appreciating a well-crafted timepiece, this Momentum watch is a superb choice. It’s a watch that shouts excellence and reliability, and I can’t help but recommend it.

✅ Pros 

  • Solid & nonchalant look
  • Water resistant up to 500m
  • Can withstand rough activities

 ❌ Cons 

  • Lugs could be sturdier
  • The second-hand doesn’t align with the markers



Seiko has always been a brand I deeply respect, and the SEIKO SRPE37 Prospex is no exception. 

This watch is a testament to Seiko’s commitment to quality and design. With its sleek white dial and robust stainless steel construction, it’s a piece that feels both luxurious and rugged. The dial is beautiful and easy to read, making it a practical choice for everyday wear.

I’ve gathered from users that this watch is more than just a pretty face. Many have praised its reliability, with one even mentioning its impressive lume that lasts throughout the night. 

It’s a watch that garners compliments, whether at work or during casual outings. While some found it a tad heavy, the overall sentiment is clear: the SEIKO SRPE37 is a keeper. 

✅ Pros 

  • Great value
  • nice dial
  • Reliable movement

 ❌ Cons 

  • It may be a little heavy
  • Imperceptible misalignment

Citizen Eco-Drive

Citizen Eco-Drive - White Face Dive Watches

Citizen, a brand that pioneered the Eco-Drive technology, turning light into energy, impressed me again with this watch. 

This watch embodies the innovation and elegance that Citizen is known for. With its clean, classic design and the Eco-Drive feature, it’s a stylish and environmentally conscious watch. The silver dial and stainless steel construction give it a timeless appeal that I find irresistible.

The illumination at night or underwater adds to its practicality, and the weight is perfect for everyday use. 

The watch may have minor drawbacks, like the small date window and the second-hand alignment, but these don’t overshadow the overall excellence of this watch. 

✅ Pros 

  • Excellent style and materials
  • Comfortable bracelet
  • Eco-drive technology
  • Visible numbers/markers

 ❌ Cons 

  • Seconds hand misalignment
  • No lume in numbers



Berny, a brand that may be less widely recognized but has been gaining attention for its quality and design, has caught my eye with this model. 

It is like a hidden gem with solid stainless steel construction and sapphire crystal. The Miyota 8205 automatic engine, the brushed case, and the beautiful orange minute hand give it a unique appeal that intrigues me.

What impresses about Berny is the attention to detail and the quality of the materials used. It comes with super luminous material, a smooth rotating bezel, and high time accuracy. 

The weight and size feel substantial, and the overall craftsmanship is commendable. If you’re a watch collector or simply looking for a well-made white face dive watch reasonably priced, this Berny watch might be worth considering.

✅ Pros 

  • Good quality materials
  • Solid stainless Steel
  • 200-meter water resistant
  • Smooth bezel rotation

 ❌ Cons 

  • Seconds hand misalignment
  • No lume in numbers



Casio, a brand synonymous with reliability and affordability, has once again delivered with the model: MRW-200HD-7BVCF. 

This white face dive watch is a testament to Casio’s commitment to quality, blending style with functionality. The silver design and easy-to-read numbers make it a practical choice and a stylish accessory for any occasion.

From users’ feedback, it’s clear that this watch is more than just a looker. Many appreciate its easy-to-read face and the rotating bezel, though some mention it lacks a locking mechanism. A few users pointed out the glass tends to scuff easily, but overall, the sentiment is positive. 

If you’re in the market for a reliable timepiece that doesn’t break the bank, this Casio watch might be the perfect fit.

✅ Pros 

  • Stylish
  • Affordable
  • Easy to read

 ❌ Cons 

  • Band adjustment difficulty

Pagani Design

Pagani Design

Pagani Design, often celebrated for offering luxury aesthetics at an affordable price, has truly outdone itself with this model. 

This white face dive watch is a testament to Pagani’s commitment to merging style with functionality. The watch’s sapphire glass and stainless steel construction exude a premium feel, while the GMT function adds a layer of practicality.

The aesthetic, with its Mercedes handset and GMT hand with aged-radium “faux-tina,” has been a hit among users.

The movement is commendable, with some users noting its accuracy surpassing even some Seiko watches.

For its price, it offers a luxury feel without the hefty price tag.

✅ Pros 

  • Reliable automatic movement
  • Solid bracelet with diver’s extension
  • Looks and feels amazing

 ❌ Cons 

  • Bezel is fixed, so it covers only two time zones.

San Martin

San Martin - White Face Dive Watches

The watch caught my attention for its quality and design. Though described as white, its face is creamy, adding a touch of uniqueness to its appearance. The NH34 movement is a significant upgrade, and the fit and finish can match watches that cost much more.

The creamy color face and sturdy build have been well-received. It keeps excellent time and offers many features, providing great value for the price.

✅ Pros 

  • Great finish & quality
  • Sturdy & comfortable
  • Looks and feels amazing

 ❌ Cons 

  • None

Pagani Design 

Pagani Design 

Here’s another choice from Pagani Design in our list, but this one adds a splash of color. 

This watch caught my eye for its vibrant blue and red accents. The NH35 movement and sapphire glass give it a premium feel, and the strap, though a bit challenging to set initially, feels fine on the wrist.

What I love about this watch is the attention to detail and the quality materials used. It has a good weight, vibrant color, and overall good looks. 

If you plan to get this one, you may note minor issues, such as sharp edges and a weird blue film on the dial, but these do not outweigh the overall excellence of this watch. 

✅ Pros 

  • Vibrant blue and red color
  • Smooth appearance
  • Lightweight

 ❌ Cons 

  • The band made for smaller wrists
  • Since it is Automatic, the watch stops if not used frequently

Invicta Specialty

Invicta Specialty

Here’s another choice from Invicta in our list, the Invicta Specialty. This watch is a statement piece with its bold design and substantial weight. The silver-tone bracelet and white face create an elegant and sporty look. 

I appreciate Invicta’s quality materials and fancy style, especially at this price point.

It’s a bit heavy and oversized with its 45mm, and the clasp on the bracelet might not be to everyone’s taste. But overall, the sentiment is clear: this Invicta watch is a good-looking piece for the right person.

✅ Pros 

  • Nice design
  • High-quality materials
  • Great value for money

 ❌ Cons 

  • It may be big and heavy for some
  • It is not easy to adjust the bracelet 

So, we’ve explored some incredible white-faced dive watches, but you may still have questions. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find answers to common questions to guide your next timepiece decision.

What makes a good dive watch?

A good dive watch is defined by its water resistance, typically at least 100 meters, and a unidirectional rotating bezel to track dive time. Durability is vital, with quality materials like stainless steel or titanium and a scratch-resistant crystal face, such as sapphire. Luminescent hands and markers enhance visibility underwater. A secure, comfortable band that can fit over a wetsuit is also essential. Ultimately, a good dive watch seamlessly combines functionality, reliability, and style, whether exploring ocean depths or simply seeking a robust everyday timepiece.

What are the top brands for dive watches?

Regarding top brands for dive watch brands, names like Rolex, Omega, Seiko, Citizen, and Invicta often come to mind. These brands have earned their reputation through quality craftsmanship, innovative features, and timeless designs. Whether you’re a professional diver or love the style, these brands offer a range of options to suit different tastes and budgets. 

How do I maintain and care for my dive watch?

Taking care of your dive watch is simple but essential. Regularly rinse it with fresh water after swimming or diving, especially in saltwater. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or chemicals. Check the seals and gaskets, and have a professional service every few years to ensure water resistance. A soft cloth can keep it looking shiny. With these easy steps, your dive watch should stay in tip-top shape!

What’s the difference between a dive watch and a regular watch?

A dive watch is designed for underwater use, with features like water resistance (often 100 meters or more), a unidirectional rotating bezel to track dive time, and luminescent hands for low-light visibility. Regular watches may need more specialized features and might only be splash-resistant. If you’re a diver or love the rugged, stylish look, a dive watch might be your perfect accessory!

Can I wear a dive watch for everyday use?

Absolutely! Dive watches are for more than just divers. With their robust build and stylish design, they make a great accessory for everyday wear. Whether at the office or out on the town, a dive watch can add a touch of sophistication to your look. Their water resistance and durability mean you don’t have to worry about everyday spills and splashes. It’s a versatile choice for anyone!

What are the latest trends in dive watch designs?

The latest trends in dive watch designs blend functionality with fashion. Vintage-inspired looks with modern twists are popular, as are colorful dials and bezels. Sustainability is also a growing trend, with brands using eco-friendly materials. And while traditional dive watches are known for their bulk, slimmer and more elegant profiles are becoming sought-after. These trends offer something for everyone, whether you’re into diving or love the dive watch aesthetic!

What are the best dive watches for women?

Finding the best dive watch for women depends on personal style and needs. Brands like Omega, TAG Heuer, and Seiko offer elegant and functional dive watches designed with women in mind. Look for features like water resistance, a comfortable fit, and a design that matches your taste. Whether you’re an avid diver or love the look, there’s likely a women’s dive watch that’s perfect for you!

Final thought

Exploring the world of dive watches has been a thrilling journey! Whether you’re a seasoned diver or love the style, a perfect timepiece awaits you. Remember, it’s not just about telling time; it’s about finding a watch that tells your story.

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