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Rolex Service Cost And All Important Details You Should Know

Did you know that Rolex watches are built to last a lifetime? However, like any other mechanical device, they still need some TLC (tender loving care) every now and then. This is where servicing comes in! It involves oiling the movement, replacing any worn-out parts, and recalibrating the timekeeping, making sure your watch stays in top-notch condition.

And you know what? Over time, dust and dirt can build up inside your watch and cause issues. But no worries, getting your Rolex serviced every 3-5 years will keep it running smoothly and looking sharp. So, take good care of your Rolex, and it’ll take good care of you!

Rolex Service Guide: The Cost And All Important Details

if you’re the proud owner of a Rolex watch, you might be curious about the cost of getting it serviced. We get it – Rolex is a fancy brand, so you might think their services come with a big price tag.

But we’ve got some good news for you! The truth is that the cost of servicing a Rolex is actually pretty reasonable when you compare it to other luxury watch brands. As long as the main parts of your watch aren’t damaged or shattered, you won’t be breaking the bank to keep your timepiece in tip-top shape.

How much does a Rolex service cost?

When it comes to Rolex service costs, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The cost of a Rolex service will depend on the specific model of Rolex watch you have and the type of service you need. 

For example, a full service on a Rolex Submariner could cost around $800, while a simple battery replacement on a Rolex Oyster Perpetual could cost as little as $50.

Of course, the best way to get an accurate estimate of your own Rolex service cost is to take your watch to an authorized Rolex retailer or service center. They will be able to give you a more specific quote based on the work that needs to be done.

In most cases, a Rolex service can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000, depending on the type of service and the watch model. 

For a full service, which includes complete disassembly and cleaning of the movement, as well as polishing and refinishing the case and bracelet, expect to pay at the high end of that range. On the other hand, a simple polish and clean will be closer to $500.

Generally speaking. The watchmaker or repair facility will evaluate your Rolex to evaluate what needs to be done and what parts need to be replaced, then provide you a quote that includes the service charge, which you must accept before the servicing operation can begin.

In some circumstances, local service facilities may be unable to service your watch, so the watch should be sent to Switzerland. In such cases, the watch owner will be charged for both shipping and servicing fees.

Factors affect the Rolex service cost

Rolex Service Guide: The Cost And All Important Details

Several elements influence the money you will spend to repair your Rolex, including the kind of service necessary, the age and model of your watch, its condition, and movement. 

Here is a short breakdown of the factors that might influence the Rolex servicing cost


Some models are more expensive to service than others. Another factor is the case of your watch. If your watch has a particular metal case or specialized metal case, it may cost more to service. Finally, the level of service required can also affect cost. For example, simple cleaning and oiling may cost less than a complete overhaul.

For example, the popular Oyster Perpetual Datejust model is made with either 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, or stainless steel. If you bring in your white gold Datejust for service, it will likely cost more than if you bring in a stainless steel model because of the price of gold.

The same goes for Daytona, another popular Rolex model. The Daytona is only made with precious metals like 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, or platinum. So, if you have a Daytona made with any of those materials and it needs service, you can expect to pay more than a stainless steel Submariner that needs assistance.


When it comes to Rolex movements, there are two main types: simple and complex. Simple movements are the most common type found in Rolex watches. They typically have fewer moving parts and are less expensive to service. On the other hand, complex movements have more moving parts and are more costly to service.

Obviously, the more complex the movement, the higher the service price. This is because there is more that can go wrong with a complex movement, and it takes more time and effort to fix any issues that may arise. 

Watches with simple movements include:

  • The Oyster Perpetual
  • The Explorer
  • The Submariner
  • The Air-King
  • The Milgauss
  • The Cellini Time

Watches with complicated movements include:

  • The GMT-Master II (very complicated)
  • The Explorer II (very complicated)
  • The Day-Date (very complicated)
  • The Cellini Dual Time (very complicated)
  • Yacht-Master ll (very complicated)
  • The Cellini Moonphase (very complicated)
  • The Submariner Date
  • The Sea-Dweller
  • The Datejust
  • The Cellini Date


A watch is a delicate instrument, so regular servicing is essential to ensure its longevity. However, the cost of servicing a watch can vary depending on its condition. A watch that has been well-maintained and only lightly used will obviously cost less to service than one that has been worn daily and exposed to the rigors of daily life. 

Bumps and exposure to water can cause damage to a watch over time, and this will inevitably increase the cost of servicing. If you’re looking to get your Rolex serviced, it’s essential to consider these factors so you can budget accordingly.


The location of the service center can also impact the cost. If you live in an area with high labor rates, or if you need to ship your watch to an authorized center, the price will be higher than if you were able to take it to a local shop.

Where to service your Rolex?

Rolex has several service centers (RSC) worldwide, so you can choose the one closest to you. You can find a list of authorized retailers and service centers on the Rolex website.

Rolex Service Guide: The Cost And All Important Details

How long does it take to get your Rolex serviced?

It typically takes around 2-4 weeks to get your Rolex serviced. The process begins with you sending your watch to the service center, where it will undergo a thorough inspection. 

Once the review is complete, the service center will provide you with an estimated repair and cost. If you approve the assessment, the repairs will be made, and your watch will be returned to you.

In some cases, RSC may ship your Rolex to Switzerland to be serviced since they cannot repair it for whatever reason. The shipment and service procedure will take between 8 and 12 weeks to complete in such situations.

How often should a Rolex get serviced?

Rolex recommends that you service your watch every five to seven years, depending on its model and how frequently it is worn. 

A complete service includes fully disassembling the movement, cleaning all components, making necessary adjustments, and reassembling the watch.

Servicing Rolex at an independent watchmaker

Rolex Service Guide: The Cost And All Important Details

You may wonder whether to take your Rolex to an independent watchmaker or a Rolex-authorized service provider. Both have pros and cons, but ultimately, the decision comes down to what is best for your watch.

Independent watchmakers are often less expensive than authorized service providers and may have good experience working on Rolex watches specifically. However, they may need access to genuine Rolex parts or use approved servicing techniques. This could void your warranty or damage your watch.

On the other hand, authorized service providers are trained and certified by Rolex. They use only genuine Rolex parts and follow the company’s strict guidelines for servicing watches. This ensures that your watch will be appropriately cared for and that any work done will not void your warranty. However, authorized service providers may be more expensive than independent watchmakers.

Ultimately, whether to take your Rolex watch to an independent watchmaker or an authorized service provider comes down to what you feel comfortable with and what is best for your watch. 

If you want peace of mind, RSC is the way to go. An independent watchmaker is the best option if your budget is unrestricted and you want to avoid paying a hefty bill. Choosing a skilled and reputed watchmaker will guarantee that your watch is thoroughly maintained and returned to you in excellent shape.

As you can see, there is much to consider when getting your Rolex serviced. However, if you take the time to research and find a reputable service center, you can be sure that your watch will be in good hands. Rolex service cost may seem like a lot at first, but when you compare it to the price of a new Rolex, it is pretty reasonable. Plus, with proper care and maintenance, your Rolex will last many years.

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