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10 Moon Phase Watches for Women Make a Remarkable Stylish Touch

The moon and its many phases have a mysterious feel to them. Its rotation around the Earth has piqued people’s interest for millennia, sparking the invention of a vast range of mechanical equipment. A moon phase complexity watch captures part of the magic and puts it on our wrists, where it emanates a degree of refinement and luxury that most other watches lack.

A moon phase complexity is possibly the most fantastic addition to the current range of watch designs and functions. The moon phase watches have always been trendy due to their distinct visual appeal and the high degree of mechanical expertise needed to produce one.

Moon Phase displays are among the most famous watch complications, even though they are the least useful of all watch functions. It should come as no surprise that a ladies’ moon phase watch has made its way onto the wrists of watch enthusiasts who take great pride in their timepieces.

This blog post will look at ten beautiful moon phase watches for women that add a stylish touch to any lady’s outfit.

Moon phase watches for women

There are many different types of moon phase watches for women. Some of the most popular include the following choices:

Rolex Cellini moon phase

Rolex Cellini moon phase - moon phase watch womens

The refined Cellini Moon phase Watch is available in a size that works for either sex at 39mm. This moon phase watch exudes class and refinement with its sleek modern design and understated demeanor. Subtle elegance is added by the watch’s 18K Everose gold case and brown alligator leather band.

Take note of the moon phase complication at 6 o’clock, which beautifully tracks the moon’s phases from complete to new. Meanwhile, the date is shown around the outside rim of the dial and is indicated by a thin blue hand with a crescent moon at its end. The timepiece is powered by a proprietary mechanical movement that winds itself and has a unique moon phase module accurate to within 122 years. This Cellini moon phase watch includes a 48-hour power reserve and a double bezel and can withstand water pressure up to 50 meters.

The price sale starts from $27.000.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous 

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous - moon phase watch womens

Another luxury moon phase watch for ladies from the Swiss manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre. Rendez-Vous was Jaeger LeCoultre’s first line designed specifically for ladies. This fanciful rendition of the Rendez-Vous is housed in a 34mm pink gold case and has a diamond-set bezel, making it one of the most desirable watches in the collection. 

Large, black numerals are a hallmark of this design family, and they look great against the silvered dial, which has a beautiful guilloché center. However, the grainy golden texture and enormous golden moon in the circular aperture at 6 o’clock stand out. With the most accurate moon phase complication on our list, this watch only has to be adjusted once every 972 years; the moon’s cratered surface is faithfully replicated, and the guilloché design from the dial is carried over onto the moon phase disc. 

The Caliber 935A automatic movement by Jaeger-LeCoultre is on full display via the transparent case back, and it has a 40-hour power reserve. The leather strap goes well with the watch and can be swapped out for any other colors in Maison’s tantalizing collection with the flip of a switch.

The price sale starts from $18.000. It can be a great watch for those who look for an automatic moonphase watch.

IWC Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase

IWC Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase - moon phase watch womens

Many ask if IWC makes moon phase watches, and the answer is yes, and this is one of few models from IWC that comes with a moon phase feature.

This automated moon-phase watch is an eclectic mix of components. The first is the tried-and-true stainless steel. The following defining characteristic of antique timepieces is the rough brown watch strap. Final flourish. A stunning moon phase is safely encased in a sapphire dial 36 millimeters in diameter.

The bosom moon phase has a beautiful illustration of the moon encircled by rose gold numerals.

This IWC masterpiece exudes class from every angle, from the quality of its materials to the preciseness of its moon phase.

The price sale starts from $8000.

Gucci G-Timeless Slim moon phase Dial

Gucci G-Timeless Slim moon phase Dial

This Gucci moon-phase watch is as one-of-a-kind as they come. The pink alligator leather strap is an excellent choice for fashionable ladies who want to draw attention to themselves.

The charming hour markers include a variety of emblems, including love, stars, and Gucci logos. Finally, more symbols like stars and planets have been added to the moon phase display.

This beautiful women’s moon phase watch has an outer space motif that you cannot ignore.

The price sale starts from $1500.

Longines Conquest moon phase 

Longines Conquest moon phase 

This watch’s 29.50mm stainless steel case is ideal for the active professional lady (here are more options of watches for professionals). The white matte dial with polished silver hands maintains a sleek, modern aesthetic. Meanwhile, the moon phase is prominently shown at 6 o’clock in contrast to the otherwise minimalist dial. This subtle clock is driven by a Japanese quartz Caliber L296 caliber movement.

It is priced at $990.

Balmain Trendies Eirini 

Balmain Trendies Eirini  - moon phase watch womens

As a famous fashion house in the world, Balmain is always on trend. Their release, the Eirini watch, is no exception. This chic timepiece is perfect for the fashion-savvy woman who wants to keep up with the latest trends. The Eirini is sure to turn heads with its minimalist design and rose gold details. The Eirini is a perfect choice whether you’re dressing up for a night out or want to add a touch of luxury to your everyday look.

It is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their style. The eye-catching face features a delicate moon phase complication, while the rose gold case and bracelet add a touch of luxury.

It is priced at $680.

Victorinox Swiss Army Moon Phase Watch

Victorinox Swiss Army Moon Phase Watch

Although Victorinox is best known for producing the Swiss Army Knife, the company’s expertise is not limited to one product. The quality and utility of their timepieces are on par.

Their Swiss Army Watch with a moon phase display is an excellent timepiece that manages to be both functional and stylish and can fit women and men alike. The included 35mm casing is comfortable for most wrists but may be too tight for those with larger limbs. A high-quality quartz movement powers the hands and the moon phase wheel.

Hour markers are silver batons, while the dial is simple and refined with silvered spear-tip hour markers. In perfect symmetry with the Victorinox emblem at 12, a circular date aperture can be seen at 6.

In silver and dark blue, the moon phase indication takes up residence in the dial’s central position. 

This watch is priced at $400.

Rotary moon phase Ladies’ Stainless Steel Bracelet

Rotary moon phase Ladies' Stainless Steel Bracelet

If you are looking for an affordable moon phase watch, you may find your next watch here. This timepiece’s shining dial in the middle will win over any skeptics of the moon phase.

Nonetheless, the aesthetic value of this watch is just part of its appeal. Rotary, true to its tradition of high-quality goods, uses traditional stainless steel for the case and the strap of this watch.

In addition, it can withstand water pressure for up to 50 meters. Instead of staring at the moon via a window, why not take in its beauty from the water? 

The price is $280. It is a far more affordable moon phase watch than any of the other watches on our list up to this point.

Swan & Edgar Complexity Automatic Moonphase

Swan & Edgar Complexity Automatic Moonphase

What could be more sophisticated than a combination of retro style with the current moon phase?

This antique moon phase watch features a classic vintage color scheme, with a 43mm rose gold case and a brown leather band.

When it comes to quality, we’re delighted. The hypoallergenic IP coating and mineral glass on this automated device make it ideal for those with sensitive skin. These watches come with fantastic extras for the price, and the moon phase function is a bonus!

This ladies’ moon phase watch is priced at $200.

Sekoni Original The Adventurous Rose Gold

Sekoni Original The Adventurous Rose Gold

Are you an adventurer? Do you like to explore new places and take on new challenges? If so, the Sekoni Original The Adventurers Rose Gold is the perfect accessory for you. 

This stylish watch features a rose gold case, band, and a unique moon phase design. It’s the ideal way to keep track of your adventures and a great conversation starter. So whether you’re hiking through the wilderness or exploring a new city, make sure you’re doing it in style with the Sekoni Original The Adventurers Rose Gold – ladies’ moon phase watch.

It is priced at $300.

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In conclusion 

That was our pick of moon phase watches for women; we’ve tried to include the most beautiful ones regarding all the budgets, from the most affordable moon phase watches for ladies to the most luxurious ones.

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