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The 10 Best-Selling Japanese Movement Watches In The Market

What are the best Japanese movement watches in the world? This is a question that many people have asked over time, but the answer may not be so simple. 

The 10 Best-Selling Japanese Movement Watches In The World

There are countless Japanese-made watch brands from all over Japan, but it cannot be easy to find one that suits your needs. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best-selling Japanese movement watches on the market today and done in-depth reviews for each of them so that you can find the perfect watch for your needs!

The History of Japanese movements

Japanese watchmaking is a long and storied history. It dates back to the Meiji period when watchmakers in Japan began to produce timepieces for the local market. 

Those early Japanese watches were mainly pocket watches and were primarily inspired by European designs.

Japanese watchmakers began developing unique styles and movements as the years went on. This is most evident in the rise of “bullet” or “trench” watches during World War I. 

Those timepieces were designed for soldiers who needed a rugged and reliable watch that could withstand the rigours of combat.

After the war, Japanese watchmakers continued to innovate and create new movements and styles. 

One of the most notable developments was the creation of quartz-based watches in the 1970s. These watches were much more accurate than their mechanical counterparts and quickly became famous worldwide.

Today, Japanese watchmakers are still at the forefront of innovation. They continue to create new movements and designs that push the boundaries of what a watch can be. 

Whether you’re looking for a traditional timepiece or something cutting-edge, there’s sure to be a Japanese movement watch that’s right for you.

Most notable Japanese movements

As anyone who’s into watches knows, Japan has been responsible for some of the most basic movements in horology over the past few decades. Here are four of the most notable:

Most notable Japanese movements

Seiko 6139

The Seiko 6139 was introduced in 1969 and was the world’s first automatic chronograph movement. It was also the first to be mass-produced, making it highly collectable today. 

The 6139 is a 17-jewel, hand-winding movement with a power reserve of approximately 40 hours. It has a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (3 Hz) and is accurate to within +/– 20 seconds per day. 

The 6139 is notable for its use of a vertical clutch and column wheel to control the chronograph functions and its “hammer” reset function. These features made the 6139 more reliable and durable than other chronograph movements.

Citizen calibre 8200

The Citizen calibre 8200 was introduced in 1986 and was the world’s first quartz movement with a perpetual calendar. It is a very accurate and reliable movement, with an accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per month. The 8200 also features a quick-set date function, which allows the date to be set without stopping the watch.

Miyota 9015

The Miyota 9015 is a high-quality, affordable Japanese movement that is often compared to Swiss movements. It features hacking and hand-winding, 24 jewels, a beat rate of 28,800 BPH, and a power reserve of 42 hours. It is known for its reliability and accuracy and is used by many watch brands, including Citizen, Orient, and Seiko.

Seiko NE88

Seiko’s NE88 movement is one of the most notable Japanese movements, and for a good reason. It’s a high-quality, reliable movement used in many of Seiko’s popular watches. The NE88 is a workhorse movement known for its durability and accuracy. It’s also reasonably affordable, making it an excellent option for those looking to get a Seiko to watch with the quality movement.

Japanese culture has given the world some of its most notable movements in art, literature, and film. From haiku to samurai films, the country has produced a wealth of works that profoundly impact global popular culture. While these movements may not be as well-known as others from more Western countries, they are nonetheless significant and worth investigating.

Japanese movement watches

These are the 10 best-selling watches based on sales worldwide:

Seiko Prospex Alpinist SBDC091

Seiko Prospex Alpinist SBDC091 - Japanese movement watches

Alpinist is a line of Seiko watches that was first introduced in 1961. The original Alpinist was designed for use by Japanese mountain climbers and quickly gained a reputation for being rugged and reliable. 

The current Prospex Alpinist SBDC091 is a modern update to the classic design, and it features several improvements that make it an even better choice for outdoor adventures.

The most notable change from the original Alpinist is the addition of a sapphire crystal over the dial. This makes the watch much more resistant to scratches and gives it a clearer view of the time.

The hands and markers are also now coated with Lumibrite, which allows them to be easily read in low-light conditions. 

Another helpful feature is the date window at 3 o’clock, which can come in handy when planning extended trips into the wilderness.

Of course, no discussion of the Prospex Alpinist SBDC091 would be complete without mentioning its water resistance. This watch can withstand up to 200 meters, making it perfect for swimming, snorkelling, or diving.

It’s also worth noting that the Alpinist is powered by Seiko’s calibre 6R15 automatic movement, which is known for its accuracy and durability.

Overall, the Seiko Prospex Alpinist SBDC091 is an excellent choice for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. It costs $710.


  • Some people say that it is not suitable for those with big wrists.
  • Even though the watch is water-resistant, the leather strap becomes wet when showers or swimming.

Orient Envoy AG0001W

Orient Envoy AG0001W

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional watch, the Orient Envoy AG0001W is an excellent option. 

This watch has a Japanese movement, which is accurate and reliable. It also has a classic design that will never go out of style. The Orient Envoy AG0001W is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a high-quality watch that they can rely on.

The case is made of stainless steel, and the watch has a black leather strap. 

This watch is powered by Orient’s Caliber 469 movement, an automatic movement with 21 jewels and is hand-winding and hacking.

The domed mineral crystal and open heart dial add to the watch’s visual appeal, while the case diameter of 43mm makes it a perfect fit for most wrists.

The watch has a water resistance of 50 meters (165 feet). It costs $220.


  • The automatic winder is a little loud.

Invicta Pro Diver 23067

Invicta Pro Diver 23067

The Invicta Pro Diver 23067 is a stunning watch with a stainless steel case measuring 48mm in diameter and 13.7mm thick. 

The platinum mother-of-pearl/oyster dial is beautiful, and the luminous hands add elegance. 

It features a mineral crystal, screw-down crown, and uni-directional stainless steel bezel with a black top bezel ring. The 100-meter water resistance rating means it can withstand the rigours of recreational surfing and swimming.

This watch is powered by a Japanese quartz movement and features the PC32 Caliber. Assembled in Japan, this watch will impress anyone who sees it.


  • The disadvantage remains the size, which may sometimes cause pain to the wrist skin. It’s something you can live with, yet it exists.

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Orient Bambino FAC00001B

Orient Bambino FAC00001B

The Orient Bambino FAC00001B is a Japanese movement watch that has recently gained popularity. 

This watch is known for its simple yet elegant and slim enough design. The Bambino comes in various styles, but the black dial with gold-plated hands and markers is the most popular. The Bambino also has a date window at the 3 o’clock position.

This watch is powered by the Orient calibre 48743 automatic movement. This movement is accurate to within +/- 20 seconds per day and has a power reserve of approximately 40 hours. 

The Orient Bambino is water-resistant to 30 meters and has a screw-down crown.

The Orient Bambino FAC00001B is an excellent choice for a quality Japanese movement watch.

You can get it for $220.


  • You may find the strap is a little stiff.

Bulova 98H51

Bulova 98H51 - Japanese movement watches

The Bulova 98H51 is a beautiful timepiece that is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. 

This watch features a Japanese movement, which is highly accurate and reliable. 

The craftsmanship that went into making this watch is simply exquisite, and it shows in its stunning design. 

If you are looking for a watch that will impress everyone who sees it, then the Bulova 98H51 is definitely the right choice.

It is a round watch in polished rose gold tone featuring a white textured dial with a date window and slim stick hands/indices.

The 37 mm stainless steel case houses a mineral dial window. This watch is powered by a Japanese quartz movement and is water resistant to 30 meters.

Also, this watch features a Croco-embossed leather band with buckle closure and a brown leather strap. Both of these materials are durable and will last for years. It costs $200.


  • If you have a larger wrist, it is too small.
  • Because of its small weight, you will scarcely notice it on your wrist.

Citizen Eco-Drive Garrison BM8180-03E

Citizen Eco-Drive Garrison BM8180-03E

The Citizen Eco-Drive Garrison BM8180-03E is a sturdy and durable watch that is ideal for outdoor activities. It’s tiny and light, yet the face is large and clear enough to read.

This watch is ideal for those with tiny wrists. The width of the case is just 37.2 mm, which is modest for a man’s watch.

It is water resistant up to 100 meters and has a black ion-plated stainless steel case and bezel. 

The black dial has luminous hands, markers, and a date window at 3 o’clock. 

The watch is powered by a Citizen Eco-Drive movement, which means it is powered by light and never needs a battery change. It is a Japanese quartz movement that should serve for ages.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly watch that doesn’t sacrifice style, the Citizen Eco-Drive Garrison BM8180-03E is an excellent option. You can get it for $170.


  • Some people remark that the strap is inexpensive and of poor quality. It may be replaced with any 18mm watch band. It looks just as good on a NATO strap as on a leather watch band.
  • The watch features a basic glass that is readily scratched.

Citizen Eco-Drive Corso BM7251-53L

Citizen Eco-Drive Corso BM7251-53L

As one of the trendy watch brands in the world, Citizen is no stranger to offering a wide variety of choices for those looking for Japanese movement watches. 

The Citizen Eco-Drive Corso BM7251-53L is another excellent brand choice, offering a sleek and stylish design paired with reliable Japanese quartz movement.

This model features a stainless steel case and bracelet, a date display, and a dark blue dial. If you like blue dial watches, you can read our previous blog.


  • The date display lacks a magnifier, and the date is tiny and obscured by the watch’s face.

MVMT L213.1L.331

MVMT L213.1L.331 - Japanese movement watches

The MVMT L213.1L.331 is a Japanese movement watch known for its accuracy and durability. 

This watch features a Miyota movement, which is considered to be one of the most reliable movements in the world. 

The MVMT L213.1L.331 also has a power reserve of up to 60 hours, so you can be sure that it will keep ticking even when you’re not wearing it.

The watch comes in a pretty cool case with a large zipper around it (like a wetsuit zipper), giving it a more urban and youthful feel.

The watch’s face isn’t too big nor too heavy, looks fantastic, and grabs people’s attention.

The band is a relaxed leather, not stiff at all, and formed pretty quickly to the wrist.


  • Some complain that the watch’s face is too large and prone to smudge easily.

Fossil FS5652

Fossil FS5652 - Japanese movement watches

Fossil is one of the most famous watch brands in the world, and they are known for their use of Miyota movements. These movements are Japanese-made and are known for their accuracy and reliability. 

However, not all Fossil watches use Miyota movements. Some of their more expensive models use Swiss movements, which are more accurate and have a longer lifespan.

The FS5652 model is one of the Fossil watches that use the Miyota movement. This watch features a Miyota 2035 Quartz movement, which offers several advantages over other movements.

One benefit of the Miyota 2035 Quartz movement is its accuracy. This movement is accurate to within +/- 20 seconds per month, which means it will keep time very accurate. 

This movement is also durable and low-maintenance, making it ideal for use in a watch that may be worn daily.

The watch also has a stainless steel case and band, giving it a classic look that will never go out of style. And with a water resistance rating of 100 meters, you can rest assured that your FS5652 can handle anything life throws.


  • The crown is a little loose, so if you’re highly active outdoors, it could be bumped, and the time won’t be correct.
  • Even with the magnifier, the date is difficult to read.

Seiko Presage Skydiving

Seiko Presage Skydiving - Japanese movement watches

Seiko’s Presage line of watches is well-known for its quality and accuracy. The Presage Skydiving watch is no different.

This watch is perfect for the adventurous type who loves to push the limits. The Presage Skydiving watch is functional and stylish, with a date window and luminous hands. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or the sky, this watch will keep up with your active lifestyle.

The watch features a unique dial that is easy to read in any situation, and the hands are also luminous so that they can be seen in low-light conditions. The case is made from stainless steel and is water resistant to 100 meters, making it perfect for any environment.

The Seiko Presage Skydiving watch is powered by Caliber 4R35, the Japanese automatic movement, which is undoubtedly a great movement incorporated in some excellent timepieces from Seiko. 

You can get this watch for around $660.


  • Some have complained that the date dial is difficult to see.
  • For others, it is a large watch, excessively thick and tall.


Japanese movement watches are some of the most popular worldwide, and for a good reason. They’re well-made, stylish, and versatile, making them a great addition to any watch collection. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best-selling Japanese movement watches so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. Do you have a favourite Japanese movement watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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